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At Active Trust IT, we understand the technology needs of law firms of all specialties and sizes. Which is why we created a robust IT service program designed to help your firm in all areas including IT, software, printing, scanning, phones, and more.


Solutions You Can Trust

At Active Trust IT, we’re with you every step of the way no matter what your technology needs are! Having an issue with email or software? Quickly contact our help desk and we’ll easily and remotely work on your issue to get you back on track!


We make sure your valuable company data is regularly monitored and maintained, plus we train your employees to recognize and report cyberthreats before they arise.

Managed Software

You get business-class email hosting through Office 365 with spacious mailboxes and easy access to all your Office files. We’ll also make sure any LEAP-related software is installed and running smoothly.

Proactive Support

Our support program provides your firm with preventative maintenance and a readily available help desk, allowing you to focus on your cases and not worrying if your technology and devices are working.


Technology solutions
for every type of case​

We’ve gone above and beyond to give your firm the tools to retain clients and win cases with technology solutions designed to keep you operating smoothly and efficiently. The highlights of our services extend far beyond the offerings of a typical managed service provider, Active Trust IT is capable of providing your firm a fully proactive and customized plan to meet every single one of your needs.


With our managed workstations, we provide proactive and preventative support so we can address potential issues before they affect your day-to-day productivity. We regularly monitor for the necessary updates and security patches to ensure your devices are performing at their best.

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PrintSmart for LEAP

With PrintSmart for LEAP, easily scan and send large documents into the LEAP matter without any size limits. PrintSmart also comes with built-in automated cost recovery tools for better accuracy.​

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CallSmart for LEAP

CallSmart is the only phone add-on for LEAP Legal Software clients. CallSmart is the clever way of logging your calls, automatically allocating them to the corresponding matter for easy cost recovery.

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