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Focus On The Law, Not The Business

Active Trust IT, a PBS Company, is a Certified Consultant with LEAP Legal Software. We’re here to help your firm install, integrate, and manage LEAP Legal Software to make your practice run more smoothly.

‍Our team is trained to work with all aspects of LEAP Legal Software — we’ll help you increase your productivity.

Everything You Need To Know To Run Your Law Firm

LEAP Legal Software is the best all-in-one true cloud practice management solution for law firms. Simplify your law firm’s IT, reduce overhead costs, and enable your law firm to work anywhere, at any time.

Benefits of LEAP Legal Software

Keep Matter and Client Information Organized From Anywhere

Work anywhere, anytime, from multiple devices with LEAP Legal Software powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Easily track client information, emails, appointments, documents, and billable time from one central location and sync updates automatically. Collaborate with clients securely from your home or the office.  

Create and Manage Documents with Ease

Improve law firm efficiency by creating pre-filled documents in one click. Utilize strong integrations with Microsoft 365 and gain access to the key templates you have used for years, seamlessly provided through LEAP Legal Software

Save time and reduce errors by creating documents in seconds by auto-merging information directly from the matter.

Increase Billable Hours with Instant Time Recording

LEAP Legal Software allows you to instantly record time spent on emails, phone calls, and letters or take advantage of customizable billing codes and fixed-fee entries directly from the built-in LEAP Legal Software Timesheet.

All time entries sync directly to the corresponding matter which can be viewed and adjusted at any time before a bill is sent.

Stay Compliant with Legal and Trust Accounting

IOLTA and State Bar compliant trust accounting is made easy with LEAP Legal Software.

Instantly generate invoices, manage retainers and trust accounts, capture disbursements, and integrate your legal accounting with QuickBooks Online.

Improve Firm Performance with Legal Reporting

Generate customized legal reports based on your law firm’s area of practice. Automatically run reports as often as you need to track and manage your firm’s performance, profits, billing, timekeeping, WIP, and aged debtors.

Gain better insight into problem areas and make data-based decisions that will improve law firm productivity.

Special Features Available ONLY for LEAP Legal Software Users

We are the only US LEAP Legal Software Certified Consultant who can provide you with three additional features. These features enhance LEAP’s power and ability to manage your practice

  • PrintSmart for LEAP — Capture and send large documents — with OCR and automatic cost recovery
  • CallSmart for LEAP — Make calls from your computer, log them, and enjoy automatic cost recovery for each call
  • VideoSmart for LEAP — VideoSmart integrates Zoom with LEAP Legal Software to create secure meetings which link to the case and client for easy logging and cost recovery

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