PrintSmart For LEAP | Active Trust IT


No More Bounced Attachments

PrintSmart for LEAP (formerly known as Scan to LEAP) allows for large documents to be captured and sent directly to the matter. It will even OCR the documents making them text searchable.

With PrintSmart, Cost Recoveries are automatically allocated to the matter for prints, copies, scans and faxes.

  • Supports Large Documents: No more limits
  • Secure: All communication is encrypted
  • Cost Recovery: Automatically recover costs

No Document Size Limits

PrintSmart for LEAP can handle hundreds of pages per single scan reducing time spent on capturing documents to a single file and/or matter helping improve overall integrity and consistency of your document management.

Cost Recovery

PrintSmart for LEAP automatically allocates the cost recovery amount to the matter the document has been scanned to, whilst recording which user completed the work and when.

Save Time

With PrintSmart for LEAP, everything is done in one action and captured automatically reducing these tasks by saving each individual up to 60% of the time it would take following the traditional methods.

Small Business​

Monthly Payment
BW – Service & Supplies
3,000 copies per month
Color – Service & Supplies
1,000 copies per month


Monthly Payment
$294.00/BW $394.00/Color
BW – Service & Supplies
6,000 copies per month
Color – Service & Supplies
2,000 copies per month

Large Business

Monthly Payment
$450.00/BW $640.00/Color
BW – Service & Supplies
15,000 copies per month
Color – Service & Supplies
4,000 copies per month


Monthly Payment

Installation Fee


  • Scan hundreds of pages in a single scan
  • Cost recovery for matters
  • OCR capabilites for each document
  • No document size limits